Material/Shader Resource links


Hey All rather than limit this to mods only, I think it might be nice to keep this open, I just ask that like the other stick resource threads that this one be kept clean of comments and questions and simply be about posting links eithe rto other threads or websites and such that consist of Cinema 4D materials and shaders, and perhaps to sites with information about creating material in a more general term, maybe not C4D specific, but that can be applied to C4D.

Hope everyone helps out on this great resource and learns a lot form it.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding a thread or site posted PLEASE post them in a new thread or the thread regarding that material DO NOT POPST THEM IN THIS THREAD. we want to keep this thread clean and easy to navigate through.


PLeas try to include a subject title as seen in my first post regarding eyes and chrome.

Make sure not to double ppost a link, look throught the provided ones first toimake sure its not already posted.

Doesn’t matter if its simply a preset or even better a discusion on making such a material.

I will OCCASIONALLY sort through and reorganise trying to put all EYE shaders links together all Glass shaders together etc.


Firs tcouple of links:

Huge Archive of fantastic shaders





Books on shelves










Five pages of materials, NOCTUA GRAPHICS

Seven pages of SLA/dirtynuts presets:

Noctua textures (click on the download link, then the textures link):

They also produce 3 great texture cds which you’ll find on the site.


thanks for this kai…appreciated.

sla presets

pelham design - smoke it


Here’s nice thread about skin.


My own thread about SLA fabric (textile) material. With settings and downloadable C4D-file.


All kinds of maps for planets. Is only asking money for the truly massive maps…


dave is an accomplished texture artist and very kindly shares
his work for non-comercial use



Great textures resource:


CLaudio72’s always doing great shaders


download v7 comp.


Interesting about SNOW - some presets inside the thread


leighs PDFs on texturing.



Velvet Thread.


The Cinema Pixar eyes. they are free they are cool get them while they are hot.


Ok call it just a first try but i like to show you some results i got on simulating leather with procedural material.

Link to an image and the shader download

If you like to help me improving it please do so.



Here is a handy-dandy chart to see those SLA noise choices all at one time. Just download from the link below:

Here is a little screen shot of what it looks like:

SLA Noise Chart

Hope this helps!


Thanks heaps :beer: