matching blacks & whites points (how)



I was reading a book about compositing and they mention that we should match the black point of the fg and the black point of the bg and same for the white points but I did not know how to make it by Shake.

Any help please.


You can do this with Expand, Compress, Lookup.


Like Beaker said. Plus you could also use color match. I personally tend to use lookups cause they give me better control on how the color range gets squeezed/stretched than compress/expand (although I think they are a bit slower)


first make your footage (FG and BG) grayscale (temporarily)
then find your deepest black in you reference plate (FG or BG)
match the deepest black in the other plate to that using the expand node
then do the same for the brightest white
check your blacks again (they could have changed a bit)
then use a gamma node to adjust the gamma if neccesary.


Thanks, I have done this, is it ok so far. I use monochrome to make it grayscale and then I canceled it.

One image I got it from for the man and the other I got it from a friend of mine maybe he got if from a magazine.


Any more help, is my work right as a start or it is wrong.

Thanks for your help.


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