Matching an animated mocap rigg to a mechanical robot rig


Hi! I would like to be able to take animated riggs , made from some mocap, then take that animated rigg and match it to a mechanicl 3d robot skeleton. Here is the problem I get. If we look at the shoulder of a robot, it needs 3 motors to simulate a ball joint. Since 3 motors cannot be at the same place atleast one of these three joints axis are offset. Character riggs seem to take for granted every thing is ball joints. Is it possible to match a mocap animated rigg to fit my mechanical 3d robotic skeleton? The end result I want is that the robot skelton moves similar to captured mocap. I am willing to pay for some one to help me with this. Once rig is matched with the robot skeleton matched I would like to be able to make any amount of animations.


I have had this EXACT problem and have not been able to solve it! If you get a solution PLEASE let me know!