Massfx and cloth slow down Max to a stand still


recently i’ve noticed when i use Massfx or cloth or even TyFlow… Max slows down to a stand still.
i think something might be wrong with my hardware. My guess is it may be a Memory problem.
is there any way for me to narrow this down?

without spending days doing a memory test

Xeon E5 2699
ASRock x99x Motherboard
128GB memory Corsair
2x 1080ti Geoforce GTX


Well, I doubt that you have a single memory stick with 128GB, so just use one stick at a time and test the sim again.


Define “use”. Also are you referring to a freeze or just very slow computation?

A shot in the dark, but another option would be to remove on of your GPUs for a test.

Units is something you have considered, I assume? (So it’s not e. g. one huge scene that causes the problems.)


so after some more detective work i think i’ve narrowed down the issue.

Max seems to “lock up” when i add a tear group in either Massfx or the Cloth modifier.

this doesn’t apply to a simple plane or low poly shape. but only Hirez geometries 50k up
and both work correctly as long as i don’t use a “tear group”

maybe this is common with higher poly shapes. i don’t know.