Marvelous Designer Retopology


Hey There!

I’m currently figuring out how to do this in C4D:

or even here:

Basically i’m stuck at transferring UVs beetween two polygons , i have tried VAMP with no luck so far. And eventually what would you use to wrap the new geo the the folded polygon ? Surface deformer with projections set on uv?

How would you approach this kind of task? Any work around?

Thank you


First, you know you can export a quad mesh from marvelous designer ?

Why exactly do you need to retopo? Game asset ?

Unless you’re planning for a game rez mesh you can save the hassle and already do a lot with the quad mesh straight from MD…



Yes i do know i can export quad mesh straight from Marvelous but i’d like to know how to do it nonetheless in C4D as i’m trying to improve as much as i can my modeling workflow

Also it seems doable also in Blender, but i’d prefer staying inside C4D

Thank you


Fair enough, if you want to remesh by hand in C4D, the best way is probably to use the polygon pen in quad strip mode and enable polygon snapping.


Thank you, polygon pen and quad strip mode seems a good solution, i didn’t think about it, though quite time consuming as compared with method suggested above


My bad, I hadn’t seen the video before…

Provided they have the same polycount and order (and they should) you can indeed export a flat and simulated version of the same garment and use a morph tag in C4D to transfer from one state to the other.

You can then still use the polypen to quickly retopo on the flat mesh and use VAMP to transfer UV and morph attributes, which is what is seen in the video, but I’m not sure how well it will bend back in shape if it’s really low poly.

I’ll try that when I get home.


Well I tried 2 methods and both work very well !! Perfect lowpoly + UVs in 2minutes.

  • For both methods start by exporting a flat and dressed mesh out of MD

  • In C4D create a posemorph tag to allow the flat mesh to morph to dress state. It works perfectly.

  • Import your flat garment mesh in Zbrush, Zremesh it with a low polycount.

A) Import back your retopo garment in C4D and use vamp (normal projection) to project UVs and Morph data from the original flat garment to the retopo flat mesh

or without vamp :

B) Create a flat UV projection on the flat retopo mesh and use a surface deformer (targeting the original flat garment with morph tag) to morph it back in dressed state.

MDretopotest.c4d (5.4 MB)

Transferring UV's and mesh

This is beyond amazing, Thank you so much for your effort, and even with a commented C4D File; i’m trying this too as soon as i get home too.

Thank you!

EDIT: It works great so far, having issues with VAMP but i’m using surface deformer and works flawlessly


Glad I could help.

The critical factor with VAMP is finding the right projection settings. Being two flat surfaces on top of one another I opted for normal projection and it worked for me, but the surface deformer is a perfectly valid alternative.

Thanks to you as well, I actually learned something useful while testing it.


Very clever , it also seems to work well for keeping the animation also. If you dont mind Eric Id like to make a video tutorial for Youtube giving due credit of course if you where the originator of this idea?

Thanks, Dan


Hi, I got the idea from the OP’s video:

and in the comments of this previous video I found this link too:

I only connected the dots to translate it to C4D and made the example file (which you can freely use too).


PS : for those wondering how to export a flat design from MD, just reset the 3D arrangement, that’s how they start !!!


Iv put this together from the workflow that was shown in this thread. This should also fill the gaps such as welding the garment, and baking the animation.