Martin Hamilton- The Outcast


Hey everyone,
I kinda fell off the forums for a bit while working on schoolwork and trying to get my model to a place where I want to share my progress. Thanks to a talk I had with Joakim I decided to come and share my progress with you all.
I’m in the final stages of detailing now and want to finish the highpoly by the end of October. I’m really trying to light a fire under myself to get myself finished by the deadline.
Hope to get the fine detail done by next week and spend the last week on big damage to tell a story on this character and make him a little less symmetrical.


Welcome back to the forums Martin! I love the proportions and the rhythm of your form. Light that fire, and don’t spend too long on him! Check out Aris Kolokontes and Kris Costa for detailing and sculpture tips and inspiration.

Best of luck!


Thanks Joakim, Ooooo, those artists you mentioned are awesome, just started following them thanks to your recomendations :slight_smile:
Definitely going to light that fire, setting myself a deadline for october, so that I’m really pressured into working instead of playing videogames in my freetime :stuck_out_tongue:


Trying to think about how to show this character is damages. Changed up his back to look like he had wings that were clipped and pulled out


Just working on pushing the detail and final forms on this character


Been a while since and update. Just been detailing the final bits and working on damaging this character.


Finished up modeling. Playing with photoshop and keyshot.