Martin Hamilton- Jason Martin's class project


Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile:
A few tweaks to the color. Still have a bit of a ways to go.


Small update trying to even out the contrast between the parasite and body


Playing with the lighting. Going for a torchlight lit look.


Basic 3 point lighting too to show materials better


Awesome to see that you’re playing more with warms versus cools. I did a quick paintover based on what we were talking about a few days ago. This is an option if you’d like to really hit that moonlight feeling complemented with torch/fire lighting as your key. Keep it up Martin!


Thanks for the paint over Michael, I really like where you went with it drawing in the moonlight rays. Definitely going to try something like that for my final composition.


Playing more with idea of tochlight, might make a quick model of cave for marmoset scene with him.

One with basic lighting


Few more updates, Trying a cave environment for his dramatic lighting scene. Trying to get gloss map more organic and working on cleaning up color transitions. Still needs a grunge layer.


Good stuff. I think you should spend some time in imperfections (not too much though!), just to get rid of the digital sculpture look. I think the very symmetrical laughing lines of the corner of each mouths are the greatest offenders on this. The overhead piece also abuses a bit on symmetry but I take it that’s your intention, maybe!
One thing I’d like to see is right at the left and right sides of the old man’s head, the bulbuous bubble like purple shapes are nearly all the same size, I think it’d do more for the visual language if they were varying in small, medium and big shapes, to help lead more to the focal points, like the face.
This is getting to a very good point though, it’s great to see you researching on elephantisis and other real organic anomalies! And your color scheme is very harmonious!


Thanks for the advice Miguel :slight_smile:
I did try and abuse the symmetry on the crown parts, I think I’ll add some more variation in color direction on his face to try and break up the symmetry a bit more.
I don’t think I have enough time to redo the size of the tubes going into his head right now. I might try some denaturation on certain veins to show order of importance instead of having the varying shape sizes.
Thanks again for the feeback :slight_smile:


A few more updates on the lighting setups I want to use


Hi everyone, as I start finishing up this character I was wondering what you all thought of this setup for when I post online.Also what do you think of the cave type environment for a dramatic scene?


Hey Martin! Nice progress with the lighting setup. A few technical notes to keep in mind: the strong warm light source suggest like a brush fire or fire pit i.e.


Note the skin tones show off a warm red-orange glow with deep shadows. With that being said, let’s take a look at an alternative lighting setup with a chiaroscuro painting by Peter Paul Rubens. This is somewhat along the lines of what I believe you’re shooting for:

(Reference: Peter Paul Rubens - Old Woman with a Basket)

Artistically, I think if you can combine real world knowledge of lighting with referencing the masters, I think you can definitely push this illustration further. Lastly, I think the cave idea is worthwhile to explore and since this feels like more of a humanoid character piece, go try out a vertical crop (portrait) and you don’t have to worry too much about the environment design. And one more note! (I promise-last one bud :slight_smile: ) If you really want to turn this into portfolio piece, reference Jason Martin or Ian Joyner and see how they crop and frame their humanoid characters. Reference how they setup their composition and what they leave in and leave out. That’s the art juice Martin. Keep up the solid progress man!


Wow thank you so much for the reference and great advice Michael. I actually just switched to a moonlight lit idea, like he just came out of a cave. Trying to refrence Jason’s and Ian’s work now to get more ideas about how to crop my character.


Another update on the dramatic scene. Zoomed in even closer with a really deep red fill light and bright blue key.

Also thinking of this layout for the turnarround


Made a complete portrait shot of my character because that’s what Jason and Ian do on their characters haha


Dope!!! Yea that’s what I’m talking about Martin. I might be subjective, but that portrait framing is so well done. :slight_smile: Even when I do the squint test, your value balance (light vs. dark) feel good. I also can focus more on the character too. What’s next for this character Martin? Do you still want to push the overall design further or maybe play with the pose a little bit more?


Thanks Michael, I’m pretty much finished with this character and have plans to post everything online tomorrow. I’ve been slightly tweaking it in photoshops still, adding soft lights to highlight some areas and darker lights to accentuate the color differences. Also got some basic light images of him.