Martin Hamilton- Jason Martin's class project


Crating a sketchook to track my Jason Martin’s class project.

I’m working twards a parasitic bug like creature that feels on this unconscious man and used his body to grow its eggs. I got a lot of tumors and elephantiasis for the growths on his body. Also I have like an exterior stomach neat this guys stomach so that the creature would be able to feed quickly.
I’ve been struggling a little about how to make the vein like tubes to come over the tumors and moving them around easily.
I also recently started trying out a new method to make hard surface parts from Jason’s class and have been having a lot of fun with it. I post updates after i finish Midterms :slight_smile:


This piece looks like a portfolio of every horrible thing that can happen to flesh. Youre going to need to apply for adi studios when finished :wink:


Yeah, I had so much fun messing with the flesh of my last character, I wanted an open body canvas to add really gnarly skin conditions and stuff to this guy.

Wow, thanks so much for name dropping adi studios, I just looked up their work and realized that they’ve done like all the practical models for almost all of my favorite creatures in film. Working there would be so cool.


I like the initial blocking in of this parasite creature. I imagine you are already planning for the texture of these different areas of interest on the sculpt. Will the what seems to be the head area of the parasite be exoskeleton? I can see this being fleshed out to a point of horrific grotesque parts that you can’t un-see…I think that’s good!


Thanks Tyferrell. Yeah, I want the majority of the parasite to look like an exoskeleton. I spent like all week using Zmodeler to make all the forms on the exoskeleton clean and smooth. Going to try and work hard this week to get all my 3rd read details in.


Another close up of the hard surface Zmodeler work

Wanted this area to be like a second way for the parasite to feed directly into the mans stomach, still need to add teeth into the hole.

Also, I was thinking of having this like membrane type of flesh wrapping around the hard surface horns of the parasite, what do you think of that idea?


Made a small rework of the hardsurface parts of the exoskeleton on the head. Tired to simplify the forms a bit.


Trying to refine my body forms


Another update on my character, been working a lot on making his body and anatomy more believable with the parasite on him.


More updates on my characters body. Trying to make him look even thinner. Wanted to have the thing going down his leg to be like a thick scar like tissue that’s supporting his frail leg.


Got that tight black bar with your email under, That’s the good stuff!
Awesome char as I’ve said before, did you add the large medium small?


Thanks for the support AdrianBirkeland. Sorry I forgot, what do you mean by large medium small?


Also, more updates


Still have a lot of work to do on this character, but decided to take a break to mess with keyshot a bit.


Finishing up the high poly. Got some keyshot renders of it


Been a while since I updated. I retoped, Uv’d, Baked, and now am working in substance painter.

The colors are pretty heavy handed and don’t transition well now, just trying to get a general idea of the colors I’ll be using and materials before I spend the time to make natural transitions.
The idea is to have the tumor parts more red as they absorb the blood from his body which is why he body is turning purple and black as his blood gets sucked out. Planning on having it more like the bruise I have on his end when I’m finished texturing.

This is just a shot showing how I want the translucency of his ‘eyes’ to work with a backlight


My file crashed and I lost like 3 days of work. But at least it gives me the opportunity to do it better this time.
Still need to lighten up the shell color and make smoother transitions, but this is the main color scheme I want to go with. Tan->Dark Purple->Red


More work


Really nice work! Can’t wait to see this project finished.

Kudos for making it to the final week of the course :wink:


Looking good and sickening!