Mari UDIM textures not tiling in Arnold Renderer


Hi, I’m using Maya 2015 and setting up Mari tiled textures using the provided UV Tiling mode button set to UDIM. my absolute path is unticked and texture file shows full texture not just sourcetexture folder.

I even see the full texture (with proper tile positions) applied in viewport, it doesn’t renders those tiles when I hit render.

Please help me urgently. :sad:


It is a long shot, but try typing in the file name <udim> instead of <UDIM>. Capital letters work for maya build in system (including viewport) but might not work for arnold.


Thanks so much man! I got it working now. So weird.
If anyone experiences this problem, here is what to do.

Untick uv mode tiling. write filename.<udim>.extension
and if still it doesn’t renders well, select the absolute path and paste it in the file name
for example: if it is

paste full source C:/Omega/Project/sourceimages/textureset/abc.<udim>.extension

when u hit enter the said change disappears but it will work in render.


thank you for 3000 times
i’ve been trying to fix this problem since 5days ago and now it works wowowowowow
thank you for the post