Mari - No Textures Imported - but still showing "14 Used Texture Units"


Posted in the Mari forum, but seems like this may be a better place to post it … I’m giving Mari a try (Mari 3 on Mac). I imported an obj, haven’t imported any textures. But the HUD shows that I have 16 Texture Units available, but that I already have 14 Used Texture Units. How can that be? Is this a glitch or what am I missing? I’ve been searching the whole day but can find nothing on it. Any help would be appreciated.


As i said in the Mari forum, Your graphics card is probably not up tp scratch for mari use,1 gig of gpu mem make mari crawl on its knees.

to clarify, the texture units is not textures. For an example if you create a procedural layer in Mari it takes something called texture units. So i guess just opening a model will use a number of so called texture units on your graphics card. Im not sure your graphics card is on the supported list and also you are on mac. I would say mac support have been the worst in Mari. Traditionally the best support have been Linux followed by windows and last comes Mac

sorry for the bad news.