Mari 4.2 masks get lighter after export-import


Does and ony know why Mari masks get lighter after export-import? They seem not the same, and only if I flatten masks, they look the same. I use 8-bit textures, and the settings are sRGB for both import and export.
There’s also a slight, but noticeable decoloration of colors each time you import the same image.
I found mask setting in channels info, but I’m not sure which sholud be set to correapond to photoshop mask settings. I tested different settings, but it seems with a new test scene everything works ok, but not on the existing scene. I testet with mask gamma 2.2, whice creating, and exporting the texture in PSB format. It worked well.
It seems this problem occurs only when using 8-bit color. When switching to 16-bit, everything works fine, but the files are bigger as well.