Marat Usmanov_Beyond the Wall - Standoff


Hi guys,

My first post here. Below is a very rough sketch (if you can call it that) of what I’m going for: night king vs a dragon. The work will be in 3D. Doubt I can finish it in time, but will give it a try. Always wanted to make a full size dragon :). Will post WIP in the next few days.


Working on the dragon. Here’s the base mesh to get the idea of what I’m going for. Now that I look at it, will probably increase a wingspan



Another update. Slightly modified proportions. Time for to play with VDMs


Started adding some details. Will add membranes between spinal/tail spikes at a later stage.


Pretty much done with the dragon. Will add spikes on the back/tail after posing him.


Way overdue, but decided to finish off the dragon. Still need to do some cleanup, but pretty much done.