Making TPs move ar right angles [SOLVED]


Is there a way to make particles move randomly at 90 degrees intervals ?
I’ve used a vector Random Noise Field with Box, Cell and Mod noise but nothing happend. In Cell and Mod particles were moving straight until they abtrabtly stoped.
I’ve tried to find anything useful in XPresso but didn’t. Particles dont have a tangent movement vector to try to quantitize. And even if there where such a vector there is no quantitization node… I guess it’s possible with a lot of IF-Switch nodes…

Has anyone ever try to make particles move that way ?


From many many years ago…
X-particles will do it also


For this to happen you need a defining axis for the plane relativ to which the 90° turn should be made and an event that triggers it. Trigger can be anything from time or random to field, the plane can be the X/Z in a very simple case, or defined by the alignment matrix of the particle itself. Your choice. The action can be done by rotating the velocity vector or by multiplying the length ov the velocity vector with the 90° normal you calculated.TP90deg.c4d (156.1 KB)


Thank you @Srek I’ll study your code and rig they are very interesting.
Any idea why Cell and Mod noice Fields don’t behave as I expected ?


No idea, i seldomly work with fields in Xpresso, mostly because i spend most of my time with scene nodes nowadays


Oh no, my first attempt was not involving TP. Just regular particles shooting through the field.