Making of Mazda CX 5/WIP


This car was nominated as the top 3 cars of 2018 and so I thought I should model it as I really like the looks of this car and the materials they used are more like German cars. !


I’ve gone on to model it further so I ll post some more WIP images of the cars up to its current stage. I would love to get feedback to improve the car. One thing I struggled with was that the views didnt match up very well so I had to do some guess work around the front and rear lights.


Making the grill was a bit of a trial an error as its not your standard grill type. Its similar to a honeycomb grill but still somewhat different. To make it, I had to make a single piece of the grill and then copy it over several times to cover the whole area. Then I used the bend modifier a couple of times to give the whole grill some curvature. I was pretty satisfied by the final result.

The headlights and taillights wip.


Heres an update. Tried to refine the edgeflow and fix some sharp edges. The rear bumper needs some more tinkering.


Did a basic occlusion test with basic shaders to get a feel of how the car would look. In the default occlusion pass I noticed the rear lights need a bit of work as they are not lined up properly with the body work.



Almost done modeling. A few finishing touches left. I used wheels from an old car model of mine as a hold in for now. Will model the actual alloys once the body work is finished.


I had to stopped working on this car due to busy work schedule. Recently I was able to find time to work on it. I ve almost finished it. Need to make some basic interiors and complete the model. Hope to get some feedback on areas of improvement.

The most challenging part of this car was its carpaint. Mazda’s Soul Red Metallic is a really unique car paint. Unlike other cars of similar color, Mazda’s paint has a unique sheen to it specially when seen in bright sunlight. Its really bright ruby red in the specular areas and really dark red in the areas.

edit: I forgot to turn on smooth on some of the renders hence some jagged edges.


Just modeled the rear lights from the inside.