Making a rename tool by python for Maya


Trying to make rename tool for Maya. this is the task and below is the code.Please let me know if you have any idea to help.
Thank you

1- a list of maya objects of common or random objects.
2- object types as an optional parameters to rename only specific types.
3- a new name string
4- using adding parameter (01,001,0001,etc)
5- UI

import maya.cmds as cmds

def UI():
if cmds.window(‘renameTool’, exists = True):

myWin = cmds.window('renameTool')
cmds.text(label = 'This is a renaming tool, code by Emad Tayefeh (')
cmds.text(label = 'Renaming structure: ')

cmds.text( label='a_name' )
a_name = cmds.textField()

cmds.text( label='a_padding' )
a_padding = cmds.intField()

a_suffix = cmds.textField()

cmds.textField( a_name, edit=True, enterCommand=('cmds.setFocus(\"' + a_name + '\")') )
cmds.intField( a_padding, editable=True )
cmds.textField( a_suffix, edit=True, enterCommand=('cmds.setFocus(\"' + a_suffix + '\")') )

cmds.button(label = 'Rename' ,  command = 'myRenameFunc()')

a_name = str(a_name)
a_padding = int(a_padding)
a_suffix = str(a_suffix)

def myRenameFunc():

listobj =
for count,obj in enumerate(listobj):
   cmds.rename(obj, a_name + "_" + str(count + 1).zfill(a_padding) + "_" + a_suffix)



Hello there,

There are renaming scripts available at You can use them as a reference. I use quick rename tool and there are others available at the website. The one I use is written in MEL but you can easily convert it.

I don’t have anything else to advise you on sorry.