Make Thinking Particles Solid with PSurfacePosition


I’m very inexperienced with thinking particles, but my goal is to create a seamless looping animation in which an object appears to be made up of particles which are independently floating up and down (slightly relative to the size of the object). I’m attempting to use PSurfacePosition to make the particles form the object, but I’m don’t know how to achieve the following:

  1. The particles to be already spawned when the animation starts.
  2. The particles need to independently move up and down slightly in such a way that seamlessly loops with the animation duration.

Here’s an example of what I have so far, with the problems mentioned above:

Once again, the problem is that the particles don’t already exist when the animation starts (they spawn in with time) and they continue to spawn as time goes on. I want them to already exist (for example, exactly as they appear in the screenshot) at the beginning of the animation. Additionally, I don’t know how to make them independently move up and down in a way that loops. Honestly, I’m not even sure if thinking particles is the right tool for what I’m trying to achieve.

How would you do this? Here’s my project file for reference:
Sample.c4d (239.1 KB)


Not sure if this is still relevant, but you can try a cloner for the position on the torus and a shader effector for the looping movement.

The length of the loop (and speed and kind of noise) is set in the noise of the shader effector.

torus_looping particles.c4d (175.8 KB)