Make Square plugin replacement?


I miss the Make Square plugin. Was a freebie that broke in R20 and was really useful when modeling. (anyone do that anymore?) Does anyone know of an alternate script or plugin out there that does the same thing? select an uneven poly and make it a perfect square? Thanks


This seems like a fairly straight forward job for Scene Nodes, no?

Align a cube with the normal at the position of the desired square hole.

Test distances between the selected points to the edge of the cube.

Move the points by that tested distance.

Can’t be more than a handful of nodes.


Hi infographic.

In my case I might have dozens of polys that during a modeling session, I would normally just click the poly at hand, then one click the make square command and, done, on to the next, etc. I can take a look at the scene node setup, but havent touched those yet. Hoping for a one click script. Thanks