Make a psychedelic video game for a master degree diploma project in graphic design


Hello everyone,

my name is Julien, i’m a french graphic designer and a beginner in vfx world and i need your help ^^. First, i have some skills in Cinema4d which i use since few months but that’s it, and recently i chose to make a video game for my graduation show, in six months. This game deals with my psychedelic experiences and i want to show some very specific spiritual journeys which i experienced, and turned it in a vr experience. So, the point is i want to create some very good graphics. I need good textures and materials but i have some troubles to chose which softwares should i use to do that. In Cinema4d, i like to use Octane Render and i saw that there is a new octane plugin for unity but apparently it’s not for real-time playing (if i understand well). So maybe i’ll try to use Substance Painter and Substance Designer to do that, but it seems quite hard to use. In the scenes of the videogame i need to import some personalized materials, videos and animations (like houdini animations or realflow animations) and the rest is just light games and camera effects. It’s very a contemplative approach, so there is very few animation in Unity. In your opinion what is the best combination of softwares ? I haven’t so much time so i would love to do the good choices about which softawares i should learn.

Thanks for reading it and for your help.