MagicSquire 5.0 update! Mini Brush Controls (size, flow etc), Mass-editing presets in Photoshop


New MagicSquire panel v5 brings: Mini Brush Controls (size, opacity etc), Mass-Tagging, Change Stroke on multiple presets, scrolling drag’n’drop, fixes, much more!


  • NEW! Customizable Brush Controls:
    • Add any settings like Size, Flow, Opacity, Roundness, Hardness, Spacing… etc. And combine them in a compact HUD.
    • Call with shortcut. Change by dragging or mouse wheel.
    • Rearrange and assign accent colors to specific controls
    • more!
  • NEW! Mass-tagging! You can now select unlimited brushes/tools and assign tags to them all at once! Also edit tags for multiple brushes
  • NEW! Edit appearance of multiple selected tools presets/brushes. You can select unlimited brush or tool presets and change stroke type for all of them at once.
  • NEW! List now scrolls when you drag brushes, move brushes between far separated groups
  • NEW! Supports all new .abr files features introduced in recent Photoshops. Now supports loading groups from modern .ABR files into groups in MagicSquire
  • NEW! Clear search field with an “x” button that auto-appears when needed
  • NEW! Finally! Open/Close ALL GROUPS at once from MagicSquire menu
  • Improvements in visual performance when displaying and scaling brushes
  • more

Upgrade to MagicSquire 5

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