MagicRefs 2.0 for Photoshop - organize and have fun with reference images & assets


MagicRefs, the reference image organizer 2.0 is here!

Rotate, resize, move images in Comic Strip mode, direct import of Boards from Pinterest, insert Layer from Photoshop document, Tag & Search images, Collections of Groups, drag Full Image with mouse, Paste from Clipboard, more!

– NEW! Directly import Pinterest boards to groups
– NEW! Directly import Google Drive images to groups in MagicRefs
– NEW! Pan/scroll Single image with click-to-move
– NEW! Rotate enlarged Single image with new button on toolbar
– NEW! Zoom in Single image to the point with double-click on it
– NEW! Add current layer from document to the panel as an image – new button on toolbar
– NEW! Tags – assign tags to images and then filter them using Search (new button on the bottom) –
with Instant Suggestions. Filter out images that you don’t need in current project, instantly.

  • Search and filter by style, type, project, workspace, team, file, type of work or any other
    favorite criteria you create by yourself.
  • Searches in closed/open groups when needed.
    – NEW! Collections:
  • Combine several groups in a collection and then switch
    between group combinations with one click or keyboard shortcut.
    NEW: Use new Collection Editor from the menu -> Collections
    – NEW! Comic Strip mode now allows direct operations with images:
  • Move (click on image and drag),
  • Rotate (click on bottom-left of image and drag) and
  • Scale (click on bottom-right of image and drag)
  • The state is saved and restored for every group of images.
  • The layout can be reset to original state with new button on the bottom
    – NEW! Copy Image from Clipboard to MagicSquire image now supports more image formats
  • (use MagicRefs menu -> Keyboard Shortcuts to use it)
    – NEW! Added option to reset data folder location to default

– New updated MagicRefs manual
– Improved: Insert images from the panel back into Photoshop document
– Improved Drag’n’drop behavior of folders and images on the panel, also better visual feedback
– Fixed a problem when ref image wasn’t fully visible when added to the group
– Improved handling of URLs with images – more modern URL types are now supported to add remote images
– Improved handling of groups linked to Photoshop documents
– Fixed various UI problems
– Improved Keyboard Shortcut handling with multiple Photoshop Workspaces
– Improved compatibility with OneDrive sync and Windows
– Improved zoom mode when clicking on images in History section
– Image scroll/zoom is now kept between image clicks
– Fixed problems connected to Full Image display
– Fixed conflict between Full Image and Settings dialogs
– Full Image zoom scroller on the bottom now correctly reflects zoom state
– Fixed a problem when Full Image wasn’t re-displayed after closing/re-opening Photoshop
– Fixed variuos UI problems when adding/displaying images with different aspect ratios

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