MagicPicker 8 for Photoshop with Lab, L*c*h, HSL, Temperature Sliders, TRANSPARENT HUD


MagicPicker, the popular pro color picking plugin for movie and game studios updated to v8:

Transparent HUD! OMG. Variable opacity. On/off Background Blurred Glass effect. Sliders Revolution! 10 NEW Color Spaces designed for artists, with Sliders under Color Wheel: Lab, Lch, Temperature, HSL, Gradient Blend, CMYK, CIE Luv, Grayscale, HSB, RGB. Pick colors. Arrange like you want! Drag, remove. Full CC 2022 support. More features, faster UI!

NEW! Add any sliders in any combinations, rearrange, delete:

  • Lab (you asked for it!),
  • Lch/HCL (human perception-based color sliders, that preserve color lightness & saturation),
  • HSL (natural shade between black/white/current color),
  • CMYK, Color Temperature (under any color wheel), Gradient between Foreground/Background (Pick blended colors), CIE Luv, Grayscale
  • Add new sliders with a “+” button, rearrange, drag’n’drop or remove individual ones
  • Support for K-Lock, snapping

NEW! TRANSPARENT HUD - a new see-through experience! Set up in Settings

  • Transparency can be set from 0 to 100
  • Enable/Disable Background Blur for a cool Glass effect
  • Scalable, works in PRO Mode, Use with Sliders

NEW! Use Compact Mode together with HUD - have two colors visible all the time and a color wheel that appears under you cursor
NEW! Reset color schemes - from MagicPicker menu
NEW! On Windows in Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl no longer required. Now allowing F1, F2 etc.
NEW! Keyboard Shortcut to swap Fill/Stroke swatches on Illustrator (Background/ Foreground on Photoshop). Keyboard Shortcuts fully support CC2022
All features available now for Photoshop and Illustrator 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015, CC 2014, CS5, CS6, CC

  • much more

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