Machineflesh Entry, Kurt Boutilier (3d)


Title: Machineflesh Entry

Name: Kurt Boutilier

This image was a finalsit in the Machineflesh Challenge. You can see the full entry here.

It was also published in 3D World Magazine, and the books MachineFlesh and Expose’ 3.


from the very very beginning of ur submission I was a in love with this concept and render and modelling and all…This may not have stood first but in my personal opinion this image will always be an inspiration for me. I always wanted to create something like this. I really respect ur work and differrent thought.

Why dont U create a short? May be a story like - all the world is getting destryed due to pollution and this one tiny tree frog stood against the human race…finally he fails but he teaches us how to think big even if u r small in size.

good good good work. Keep it rocking.


Thanks cgmandv for the nice comments means a lot to me. Its nice to know that my work has inspired you. You to keep plugin away at your own projects and you can create many cool and inspiring peices of art work your self.

As far as the short maybe some time in the future, been pretty busy with work right now, but the idea you have can work.

Thanks again



Alas I am so busy most of the time, I hardly get a chance to do some advance learning. I am a TV commercial producer, I try to do my own animations (mainly waht we do here is product animations, no characters) and compositing. I often visit cgtalk just to get in touch with great artists like U and others here. Still think what I have learned has a great inspirational boost from all u r worx. Hope U’ll be doing the short sometime soon. And DONT FORGET TO WRITE MY NAME IN THE THANKS SECTION :wink: lol.

Keep up the good work always.


realy smart idea…I was enjoying it alot,the organics in the backgroud looks very cool


Thanks techart, your illusration is totally cool. I used to do so much 2d work before i got hit with the 3d bug… I should get back into it.


I can only hope to be as talented with the capability to create something such as this.

Nicely done.


Krulwick… just keep working towards your goals… It will happen.

Good luck



I really liked the look of this image, as others have mentioned previously, it has the potential to be developed into a much broader story. As far as the images goes i couldnt find any mention of the software that you used to create the image? so with that, what did you make it with? It looks 3D. In any case, well done, keep up the great work, and c u around the forums.


sketchfiend sorry about that info missing …For some reason when I go and try and edit it, it wont let me.

The software used for this project:
Maya 6.0
Photoshop cs

I might develope into something more soon… I’ve been pretty busy with work right now. Hopefully soon =).

Thanks for the comments



The lovable tree frog!The colour that handsome minutely apart from depth of field still to has handsomely bright-coloured .


Kurt, you know how much I think this rocks!

Being a frog lover (just look at my avatar) and already being a huge fan of your work, this peice is nothing short of awesome.

Do you have anymore shots of the actual model, im totally in love with this lil’ cyborg critter!


Pi3141 thanks for the kind words… Your frog on your avatar looks sweet very stylized=).
the only other render i have of him is the final texture render i did before i put him in the scene, you can see the top part of him.

I’ll try and render out a few new poses sometime soon.


Hey thanks for the extra render. Man that looks awesome!

I especially love how you did the mech and tech aspects. Funnily enough they look perfect suited to a frog :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks for the comments on my frog lol. You can see his full render by clicking on the “animals” link at the bottom of my sig. I just posted him yesterday :buttrock:


Yup, my favourite machineflesh entry. Has genuine charm and character, simple execution. Technically not the very best, but the scene works. :thumbsup:


nice work man it looks so cool but eyes are weird


Great concept nice composition, Great Job!


It’s very interesting!


Thanks for the comments everyone…

Means a lot to me and drives me to keep pushing myself.


nice job, looks like a Super Frog