MacBook Pro + Wacom Pen breaks middle mouse button functionality


Has anyone else experienced this? When I’m using SIlo 2.5.5 Pro on my 2018 MacBook Pro, along with my Wacom Tablet and a pen, I can use the middle mouse button to pan around the scene a few times. However, after a few times of using the pen, it seems to “break”, and then, no matter how much I click and drag with it, it only detects the first fraction of a second of moving, and then just stops. I can switch back to my Wacom mouse, and the same thing happens. I have to close Silo, and re-open to get the middle mouse click panning functionality again. If I use the mouse after that, it’s fine. If I switch back to the pen, it works for a few clicks, again. But quickly breaks again, and then the same thing happens with the Wacom mouse’s middle mouse click, until I restart it again. Anybody have any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!



I have exactly same issues on my Macbook 2013 + Intuos4.
I want to buy a license but can’t get it until this is fixed.
A pen works fine for any other applications with the latest wacom driver.
It would be great if Nevercenter have a look this issue when they have a chance.