MA in 3D Animation or PhD in CG?



I’d like your valuable feedback on this matter. I have one choice to make among the two. A MA in 3D Animation or a PhD in Computer Science (CG related theme).

My background is a BSc in engineering but that won’t be an obstacle for a MA in arts. However, I am afraid that just one year curriculum on rigging characters in Maya won’t make me a competitive candidate in industry since I will lack essential art expertise such as concept art, storytelling, modelling, sculpting and others. Furthermore, I don’t see there will be much progress after the MA. I don’t see PhDs in 3D Animation as an art form and definitely I don’t see scholarships for those (at least, to be advertised). If I follow this route, I will stop having a MA in 3D Animation possessing some artistic skills.

At the other hand, if I follow the PhD in CG, I will have a research career with many prospects and opportunities both in industry and its R&D departments. I will also have the choice for postdocs and so on so forth. The PhD will encompass many disciplines such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision and 3D Animation in Unreal Engine. It is a pure scientific topic and no artistic related. I was thinking that following this route, it will allow me to work even at the animation industry as a researcher and I may have the animation in Maya as a hobby or something in parallel.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you


I think you need to keep learning. This will be your advantage when hiring. There are a lot of people who have a basic IT education right now. But among these people there are a lot of those who are now out of work and without income.


I think to keep studying is the best thing too
me personally I would rather prefer MA in 3D Animation because I love the results
for I do only editing and adding animations for a couple of sites, one of them is Rabato


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Thank you for such a valuable information. I was looking for a long time detailed explanation. Really appreciate your reply!


I like your idea! It looks so creative, I also want to design my PhD it to be interesting. I have already checked some essay examples of creativity. By the way, this was so good source to get ideas and inspiration for writing. I hope any of your ideas will be approved, good luck!


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