M1 Chip and C4d and X-Particles


That’s really good to know, thank you. How do you find it compared to Cycles on your iMac in terms of responsiveness?


They feel the same. Im in the process of converting all my Cycles example file into RS format so I will know more after that. Right now I would say they are equally marvelous.


@vel0city I just installed the Blender 2.93 beta M1 native release and it is shockingly fast and no crashes like it used to do on the iMac.


What’s the name of that lighting tutorial?


@mitchino It is Redshift Studio Lighting 01 - Product Shot Tutorial with Vincent Schwenk


Just ordered the Mini @teknow - thanks a lot for your impressions. I just intend to use it as a stopgap until the M2 is out, same as you.


@vel0city That is great news!! I am sure you got the 16 Gb RAM machine? Every day I love this thing more. It is a joy. Also with 11.3 the dark look option is gorgeous in general. I am not used to having a rock solid machine. I assumed crashes were just part of doing graphics but I not guess not. I have yet to have a single crash after 4 days of continuous use. Apple really did their homework.
The Blender discovery last night was nice frosting on the cake.
I really do not see how they could have made this thing better. I was afraid that completely new meant I would have to suffer through lots of beta type glitches but not at all.
My only frustration is waiting for Insydium to release native M code XP and Cycles but hopefully that will not be long.
And wow does C4D and RS run beautifully on this machine. Thank you Maxon.
It will break my heart to eventually replace this machine for a 64 - 128 core M chip machine but so be it.
Looking forward to hearing about your reactions.
BTW, thanks to Maxon and RS I have now made RS my main renderer. From what I see, with the right settings it can create really photorealistic output and wow does it run well in native M1 code.


Yes, I got the 16GB/2TB Mini. Really can’t wait to see how it performs - a lot of applications are like swimming through bricks on my old Mac Pro, as you’d expect from a 2009 machine.

Just choosing a display now which is a bit of a minefield, lots of compatibility issues it seems.


My LG 5K 27" Ultrafine is perfectly compatible and gorgeous. Now I need to pick out a smaller 4K second monitor.