M1 Chip and C4d and X-Particles


An interesting article: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3611383/qa-adobe-explains-the-transition-to-apple-silicon.html


Wow, the entire Adobe Creative suite works great including After Effects! PS is the only M1 native one so far and it positively slams on the screen.


Can you try something like this please? How quickly does it resolve in the Redshifft Render View? https://gumroad.com/l/ChBOhb?recommended_by=search

You’ll need to add an HDRI. Thanks for any feedback!


@vel0city That’s not a free one. Upload some other file and I will render and time it.


Some cool ones here: https://www.tfmstyle.com/260120



26-01 took 3:17 Now I will do the other one. Great files, thanks for the links.


Assuming you’re rendering to the Picture Viewer, the same file on a 2009 Mac Pro, 2x 3.46ghz 6 Core Xeon, 64GB RAM, GTX1080ti GPU, took 2: 24.

How are you finding Redshift Render View responsiveness?


that second beast took 23:37
I only see one square in the render window. Does that mean Redshift is only using 1 core?
So is your machine 12 core GPU?


I’m only seeing a single bucket (the square) when I render these files. I think it’s just how the artist has set the files up to render. My GPU has 12GB Vram.

Second file took 8:29 on my machine.

The files that we’re looking at aren’t highly optimised, they could definitely render a lot faster as Redshift has massively improved since these files were made available.


You have a really high end machine. You ought to hang on to that beast at least till 2022 IMHO!
I just tried to set up dual monitor with a 2017 iMac but apparently it only works with older ones
At least I am way faster now than with my iMac.


Lots of hardware problems with this Mac which I’ve never been able to resolve - daily kernel panics related to the Nvidia card. I’m looking at the Mini as a stop-gap before the next wave of M1s are released, just to get me through. My machine is nice enough when it works but the crashes are unworkable - nightmare for work.


I crashed all the time when I had the iMac and R19. I mean like 12 times every day! I have yet to crash with this setup. It just purrs. And it is SO sweet. I just found out this am it will run my full Adobe Creative Suite to my joy. And it is so cheap. But mine too is a stopgap measure till I buy that lustworthy 2022 M chip new one.
I wonder what they will announce at WWDC?


We’re both in exactly the same boat then!

The grapes file using Physical took 6:31 here compared to your 4:34.

GPU rendering was always going to be a compromise on this initial release of the M1s. Hopefully Cycles4D will be native soon.

Some kind of Pro machine at WWDC I’m betting.


I’m hoping that they will have it going before summer. They have a way to load it using Rosetta but it hasn’t worked for me.
I have a ton of Cycles example files if you ever want to study them.

It sure is fun watching the daily news and you sure made my day with the news you passed on!


Thanks for the offer of the Cycles files, I might take you up on that.

Does the Mini make any noise when it’s rendering?


Totally silent


Any further thoughts or impressions @teknow?


The main thing is native C4D S24 and RS are a joy on this machine and I have gone from 12 crashes every day to yet have my first crash. They are so fast and rock solid. Everything else about it and Big Sur 11.3 are also a joy.

I decided to wait to use XP and Cycles because to use them I would need to use Rosetta for C4D and I don’t want to lose this speed and stability which native gives. I hope Insydium comes out with native code soon because I love both of those programs.

AE, PP, Audition, PS, Illustrator, ME, and Bridge work perfectly and PS is screaming fast.

My long term plan is get a second machine with M chip with a huge number of cores when it is released but I am totally happy with this little guy! I am SO glad I took a chance on all this new stuff.


Really great stuff @teknow, I dp appreciate your feedback.

How are you finding redshift? Is it usuable or just a hint at the future right now? Would you use it for stills, lookdev, static art?


I am loving RS 3.045 but I have not done any advanced work with it nor compared for photorealism. I was sure impressed with the output of a volumetric fog tutorial I did this am.

I like it every bit as much as Cycles 4D at this point. And it is really fast in native M1 code.

There is a 1 1/2 hour RS lighting tutorial on lighting setups for advertising I did yesterday and the output of that was really gorgeous. I was impressed with how fluid RS is with adjusting lights.