M1 Chip and C4d and X-Particles


All I know is that the press releases say M1 native support for all these apps has already been released. Tomorrow I land on Normandy Beach! Then the fun begins.
Someone already posted an amazing benchmark for XP on the Discord Channel
The first file I will render will be the Grapes file in the Content Browser for render time comparison.


I’m going to buy the M1 Mini if you recommend it and enjoy it, fingers crossed for the renderers being out.

My machine is an ancient 2009 Mac Pro but it does have a GTX1080 just for rendering, it’s just really slow and outdated now. Still on High Sierra for the Nvidia drivers!


You are going to be disappointed if you hope an M1 equipped device will render 3d scenes very fast;)
While it is a remarkable SoC, CPU and GPU rendering won’t be impressive at all. Remember that this is just the very bottom line of the Apple hardware so you need to compare that with the very bottom line of the PC hardware (including Intel Mac devices).
The SoC will perform selected tasks a lot faster than competing products, but multithreaded CPU rendering and GPU rendering are not among them, in that regard it will be indeed very good considering power/performance ratio but not revolutionary. Also keep in mind that M1 have just 4 performance CPU core, the 4 efficiency core are not meant for heavy computation and you can compare them to the performance of the virtual cores on Intel/AMD processors.
You can expect all single threaded/lightly threaded tasks (including viewport editing) to be very fast because of the etherogeneous architecture, and some video editing tasks to be very fast because of dedicated hardware.


@sirio Thanks for your sage input. I’m sure you currently have an M1 machine to speak with such wisdom from experience.

@vel0city I’ll be the canary in a coal mine so hang on to your cash.


Yeah I think we’re aware of the limitations but thanks anyway, sirio. So long as it’s a decent platform for lookdev I’ll be happy. I farm all my renders so the Mac will just be for looks and static frames. I’d rather take the speed hit than use a PC.


Standing by patiently for your impressions, @teknow! Happy new Mac day!


@vel0city Thank you! I’m getting excited. I sure wish FedEx would get here. I have so much new software too that this is really going to be a fun week. I’m also excited to see just how fast it really is. There will be a bunch of glitches too I’m sure, like will I be able to run ePMV and such but slowly it should evolve into something really sweet. I also can’t wait to finally start making Redshift example files with my newfound skills, like fraying the edges of the Curvature Node output and the nuances of Redshift SSS, etc.


Wahoo! Life is good. This was required to runM1 native apps:


Great news about 11.3, native Redshift won’t be far behind now.


From the Redshift devs on their forum: “Regarding the M1 support: yep it’s ready and the next build will contain it (will be released most likely tomorrow)”


@vel0city I am pissed. Despite now having Big Sur 11.3, Redshift will not work without Rosetta and XP and Cycles so far won’t work at all. My Cinebench multicore score was only 7790 but the single core was the second fastest ever.

BUT I am excited to finally use Redshift at least. Photoshop is a screamer.


Sounds like I will not have long to wait. Here is what tech support just told me: Yes, we were waiting for the OS X 11.3 release, however, we were not told the release date for that from Apple. Now that the release is out, I believe the team is working on the build for that release version.


So does that mean you won’t be able to use X-Particles and Redshift together until the native M1 version of X-Particles is out? How does viewport performance and Mograph feel?


So I need to run C4D in Rosetta mode right now even though C4D is wonderfully native M1 chip. It is surprisingly fast. I did a Cinebench single core test and it was the second fastest they had ever seen. But the chip is 8 GPUs in the first iteration (M1) and so the multicore Cinebench is only middle of the pack because some of the current other chips have loads of GPUs and thus score higher. But this is the very early beginning for M series chips and even the M1x doubles the GPU count. By early 2022 they will have gobs of GPUs on a chip and I’m already saving up. Also it will be a few months before other software companies create M1 versions of their products.
Adobe Photshop is now M1 native and it absolutely slams onto the screen. C4D is almost instantaneous open when not it Rosetta mode because it is so wonderfully native M1 (way to go Maxon!)
So there are downsides to being an early adopter and I need to take a deep breath and wait for all that M1 native software to trickle out. Redshift is the perfect example of that but it will be soon.
Overall, I’m twitching all over at the thought of this wonderful new machine of mine!


I really appreciate your impressions and enthusiasm, thanks for posting your findings so far.

That is crazy impressive about the single core speeds, it’s going to be very interesting to see how Redshift works out and whether the Mini’s fan goes crazy, I really hope you get good performance from that setup.

Do you use Zbrush at all?

What monitor are you using?


When they start seriously packing GPUs on these chips, look out world and move over.
No ZBrush but I hear it is great.
I just got a 27" LG Ultrafine 5K and it is gorgeous and has Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3 ports and 1080p FaceTime. It cost way more than the bargain computer. I love the way Apple is passing on their cost savings on chips to customers. I’m going to try and use my iMac 27" 5K monitor as a second monitor with Thunderbolt 2 to HDMI adaptor. I hope it works. Right now I’m keeping the iMac up and running to use After Effects and any other non-M1 native software.
Now to finally have C4D S24 and Redshift to play with instead of just watching tutorials about them will be really fun for the next few months till other software trickles out. I’m coming from R19 and I’ve never had Fields or Volume Mesher, etc to play with so this will be fun. And I’m really getting hooked on Redshift as I have done with Cycles.


Redshift M1 is out, happy rendering!


Wow!! Thanks to you C4D just loaded in native mode without Rosetta after installing 3.045. That is jump for joy wonderful. You just made my day. Now I will start running some speed tests.


Great stuff, I’m excited with you!

Does running C4D+Redshift native mean that X-Particles (and any other non-M1 plugins) won’t load?


No, I just reinstalled XP and Cycles and no error dialog with Security but they will not load. I wish Insydium had their act together like Maxon does.
BUT with Redshift native it is a joy! Here are some initial speed results: C4D loads in 2 seconds, the attached file renders in 2:22, the Grapes file from the content browser renders to the Picture Viewer using the built-in Physical Renderer in 4:34 and it took 9:20 on my iMac with i7 Intel Quad 4.0 GHz chip, and now I need some other file or benchmark to test. This is fun.
I need to quit twitching!
Here’s the file (which I love): RailMaterial_Finish.c4d (216.3 KB)