M1 Chip and C4d and X-Particles


I finally leaped for Maxon One subscription from R19 and now I have a TON of catching up to do. I am considering getting an Apple M1 Mac mini till the 2022 machines arrive. Have many of you, especially heavies like Joel Dubin, started using the MI for these 2 software (and the Adobe Creative Suite) and what has been your experience?
Any advice here would be very much appreciated!!


I admittedly didnt get out much in 2020 but I don’t think I’ve put on THAT much weight. :wink:

Im a little out of the loop on where apple is these days. Im sure there are others here who know more about the benefits and drawbacks of the M1s are than I. Im still using my old trusty 2014 trashcan for my day to day work but the bulk of my rendering/look dev is done on my PC since moving to redshift.

Im sure the fine level headed gentleman of cg talk will share helpful opinions in the posts to come…


Includes details about running C4D on the M1 - it’s fast.


I was going to have enough trouble sleeping prior to Tuesday but after seeing that video (thanks for that link!) it may now be out of the question!


Joel, Feedback from my hero! Life is good. Interesting that you can do such beautiful work on such an old machine. BTW, “heavy” refers to industry leader rather than daily increased pounding on the knees.
I assumed you’d be the first to leap for a Mac Pro and would be the first to grab an M1 Mac Pro.
I saw that you are big on Redshift and the announcement that Redshift is now native on the M1 might give you a few less late nights.
After envying all here with recent versions of C4D, I finally got R24, Redshift, and Red Giant and I am SO glad I did. Wow, now I have Volume Mesher, Fields, and tons more and all native on the M1 chip. My wife is already regretting my move. Also, there are a load of features about which I go nuts in the latest X-Particles version which are now built in to C4D. Who is copying who?
I saw you and and another one of my heroes, Lothar, are both X-Particles Beta Testers.
These are sure exciting times and we will see how all the M1 feedback pans out but RISC chips are said to be absolutely revolutionary and the biggest development in many years.
I will start out by dipping my toe in the M1 water with an M1 Mac mini (or new M1 iMac if they announce one on Tuesday), running my 5K iMac monitor with the Mac mini, C4D R24, native Redshift, and native X-Particles and organic model to my hearts delight. If things go as hyped by Apple in the next 12 months I will be first in line for an M1 multi multi GPU plaything.
This will be a fun year and I am looking forward to any positive or negative feedback from M1 users!


I’ll be very interested to know how this goes. I’m on a iMac Pro with Vega 64 and have use Octane X. Octane runs on M1 too already for some months. So really interested to see what’s happening with Redshift and what hardware Apple delivers to get every benefit of Metal and M1. Interesting times ahead!



Waiting for Apple to introduce the M2 in their higher end products like the 16 inch MBP and the 27 inch iMac - hopefully not fruity and without white bezels. I don’t need a THIN display. I don’t stare at my monitors from the side!

It might be easier to get ahold of mac minis than nVidia GPUs, so I’m anxious to see how Redshift performs on M1.

I have had one or two opportunities to buy a $1000 3070, but I would rather get a $700 3080 as that is MSRP.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the mac as the iPad pro/iphone/mac combo is pretty seamless. If I’m not doing high end 3d work, it’s fine.


After the 28th when my Mac Mini M1 16 Gb RAM arrives I will post some of my experiences with native RS, C4D S24, Cycles 4D Build 550, XP Build 895, PS, and whatever else becomes native by then. Hopefully I will not be the only one doing so. I will be very glad when AE and Premier Pro are finally native.

I wonder how many GPUs they will cram on a RISC chip by 2022? I’m already saving up!


Thanks, I’d be super curious to see how Redshift performs on the M1!


I’m killing time till the 28th by studying Redshift but I wish it would get here!


Apple just released the first OSX 11.4 beta, with (at last!) drivers for Big Navi, I imagine Redshift and Octane will run pretty sweetly on a 6900XT. I expect an MPX module will be released for the Mac Pro, but I’m hoping I can put one in my 2010 Mac Pro running Open Core. If I can find a card!


Very much looking forward to your thoughts, good luck with the setup.


Thank you! I think I just got a notification that it will be delivered on Monday and now my hands are cramping.
Apple said my iMac wouldn’t work as a monitor (about which I am still skeptical) so I got the LG 27" 5K. If Apple is wrong I will now have two 27" monitors in dual monitor setup.
I am now the world’s expert on my new Redshift 3.0 even though I have yet to install it. Wow , do I love Maxon Noise Node. And I can’t wait to experiment with the new OSL Node. Redshift sounds every bit as good as my wonderful Cycles 4D.

I will do a lot of posting on my experiences on my M1 experiences.


Like a kid waiting for the Christmas presents :smile:


That is exactly how I feel! The countdown begins. It couldn’t possibly be as good as all those reviews say.


Is the M1 version of Redshift available yet?


Yes, oh boy!


"Support for M1-based Macs will be made available with the release of macOS Big Sur (11.3). "

I just checked on the Redshift customer forums and the devs confirm that the M1 version is not yet officially supported, it needs drivers in Big Sur 11.3.

Maybe try Octane in the meantime?


I will call them Monday. Isn’t Big Sur 11.3 already out there?
Apple has released the eighth pre-release beta version of macOS Big Sur 11.3 to registered developers and other beta testers.

The latest beta update is the Release Candidate - suggesting that the final verison will be arriving any day now.


10.3.3 isn’t out yet, and Redshift will need to be updated to officially support M1 too. No doubt that will be out as soon as the Big Sur update is available though, the Redshift devs are very good for getting updated out.

Don’t think there’s an Octane C4D M1 plugin out yet either, but I don’t follow OTOY that closely.

You’re truly on the bleeding edge of Mac GPU rendering!