.lwo import


I’m having trouble in r21 importing a .lwo file - in previous versions I would choose File>Merge Object in the object manager, but nothings happening when I do that in r21. Has something changed and how do I import a .lwo file?


Are you sure you weren’t using a plugin for importing in previous versions ?


The native support seems to be gone.

If you switch to german

LightWave 3D .lws .lwo

is still listed.


Definitely used to be able to import/load LW



I have not used these sites so I cannot vouch for them but may be worth a try?

But yes, C4D did import lightwave objects.


The import worked till release 20.


Maxon might have removed LWO import because the latest version of Lightwave writes an updated LWO format, which is no longer compatible with the older LWO2.

With the ever diminishing role of Lightwave in the industry, the Maxon team may have decided it is no longer worthwhile to spend any development time on updating a dwindling import format.

To convert LW02 files, Accutrans works very well.

No support for LWO3 either, though.


i switched to R21 today and was puzzled to see LWO support removed. why ever remove a feature which was working quite well. even if newest LWO format was not supported, there is a zillion of LWO formatted models around and if you are still working with LW modeler, like me this is is a real outrage to workflow.

please maxon, provide at least a plugin for replacing that feature which was well working until R20. one of the reasons for me to convert to C4D for scene setup and rendering from LW was exactly this workflow. maybe i should rethink my decision.


Update on Accutrans: the developer releases an update, and the new LWO format is now supported.