LW instancing an instancer?


So I have a single arrow representing air flow, which scales up from 0, does a little semi curvy path into a pipe, and scales away.

I set up a Motion Path Instancer on it, so once it goes, a bunch more arrows do the same dance 1 second behind each other.


Now I want to duplicate that whole setup, and radially spin it around the center of the pipe so like 5 streams of arrows are radiating into my pipe.

I’ve tried doing a radial instance on a null in the middle of the pipe with my with my arrow parented under it, hoping I could create 5 instances of my first instancer, but it doesnt seem to be working?

I’ve also tried Cloning of the Hierarchy of the PipeNull/ArrowStream, and then rotating the new PipeNull, but the second version of the ArrowSteam instancer seems to be whacked out, the instances all sit there until they move (instead of scaling up) and on other attempts they we scaled out and weird.

How can I go about creating a little orderly tornado of arrows by only animating 1 arrow?

Any tips appreciated…



You may want to head over to the Newtek forums - things are pretty dead here. :slight_smile: