luttut #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Due to some issue i missed my day 1 sketch.
Anyway, here’s my second day sketch


It looks awesome. I think you can still catch up and post Day 1 sketch.


Thanks mate!
will try to catch up slowly


Day 3 - wind #Drawcember


Day 4 - Ice-cream


I especially like the second one, it’s such a cute but fascinating picture, it makes me want to learn more about her.


Very cute.


I like the last one a lot :D. Almost looks like something that would be at the start of one of those cooking games :stuck_out_tongue:


Really liking your line!


These are so emotive and tell such a story!! Really love these!


Thanks for all the encouragement, i really appreciate that!

Here comes Day 5, the protector


Day 6 - Breaktime

An artist resting with his beloved brush


your first painting has a vintage feel in it :slight_smile: it´s like looking at an old photograph