LSD graphics engine & CONDENSATOR


hohoho, i have to wish a lately merry xmas.

LSD and the LSD CONDENSATOR is free to use for everyone at working on none commerical projects.
LSD is a open source webgl based graphics engine written entirely in java script.

LSD and the LSD CONDENSATOR (early access) helps you to bring your 3D and 2D content to the web.

For further information please read the documentation.

This page is heavy under construction! :wink:

here are some impression about the LSD CONDENSATOR:

here some of the most important shortcuts:
space -> dragging the canavas (lsd condensator)
A -> select all nodes
D -> deselect all nodes
x -> delete a node & connection (on slot)
g -> recalls the last command
G -> collect all selected nodes
m -> minimize the selected nodes
X -> delete all selected nodes



here my first page :slight_smile: with my new lsd engine :slight_smile:

also includes LIGHTBASKET :slight_smile: who gets more buckets like me? and its not just about the thing what you think about.

that far i am at moment.



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chrome should work. im not supporting firefox!

supported browsers:
-comodo dragon
(generell all chromium based browser should work)

currently im quiet busy with something else. im going to fix some things when i got time for.

i would love if those companies, such as google, microsoft, apple, the umbrella of firefox could find a overall standard for their browsers. it would make it lovly, (consistent), to work. if you going to imagin how long the web exist its a shame that those ones havnt found a complete standard till now. a childish acting.



im doing again some work on the purple sunrise particle system. (update will be on soon)

here a impression, not polished. (experiment)

i wanted to know if its possible to do nice liquid things.

molecular liquid:

all the best! god with you!


something red:
(lsd condensator & purples sunrise particle system)

all the best & god with you


dufinitiv i am next generation :slight_smile:

only possible in my lsd condensator and with my wirbellos particle system (purple sunrise particle system)

25625610 wirbellos particles

god with you…


realtime fluid motion effect ©

and some workflow impressions.


lsd condensator glsl generator…


early version:

new shortcuts:
I on the node bar to instance the node
i on a slot to instance a single or couple of slots
shift to select
space to call the menu
right click to go back in the menu

fundamental keys:
alt to pan on the canvas
shit + mouse wheel to zoom in and out
G to group selected nodes
c to clone nodes
A to select all nodes
D to deselect all node
m to minimize a selected node
x to break a connection

please switch into fullscreen by pressing F11