lsd condensator


some of you can for sure remember on my first version of the lsd webgl experiment i made.
couple of month ago i started to change the entire engine.

the main focus at the lsd condensator is about erosion simulation and other landscape stuff.
but its such flexible so you can use that, when its published on the internet, at many more things. its just related to your creativity.

all is hardware accelerated, so its pretty funny to work with.

due the fact im running this project by own it could take some time till im going to release a demo version. perhaps im going to publish a preview version as soon as possible.

here some impressions:
huge amounts of particles:
further videos you can find at my youtube channel:

i hope you like it! :slight_smile:

stay tuned…


´working on the particle system. hope you do like it! :slight_smile:


multiple particle systems:

working on the scene management:

some experiments:

scene manager:

stay tuned…



a lsd liquid demo. tinkin. (could be instable on low end machines)

minimum system requirements: (if you got such a machine, dont try it. it works but it needs a hack.)
-Intel Duo Core ~3ghz
-4 gig ram
-1050 nvidia cards


find the particle node! its somewhere on the bottom of the nodes. to pan the workspace press alt. on the particle node click create buffer, if the buffer is finished onto play. if the node 70 stays completly black you have to reset it, just by switching the resolution, or changing the color depth.(the buttons next to the render preview)


happy new year


i decide to redo the whole thing, written in c#. through some performance issues, i thought it would be better to have it smooth running.

at the moment im doing the shader pipeline for - to get it handsome to work with.

due the fact its highly under developing there of course tons of “issues”. but it feels good and its a baby of mine.
so i will fight for its right!

here a couple of videos:
volume based rendering

stay smooth, (and ss piss off! your time is since over 80 year gone. im digging ya da final groov.)