Looking for VR (canned) advice. DOF and volumetric lights?


Anyone here with experience in rendering canned/pre-rendered VR (not realtime)?

DO you have a workflow for dealing with depth of field and the incusion of volumetric/visible lights in your shots? it seems like DOF doesnt work with the spherical cam and when you add visible lihts into tyour scene–even if they are behind our objects in 360 view, they blend with the objects and look like they are in front. I used to do a lot of Full dome rendering and was able to render these kinds of things using a dome render plugin that worked well, but not having luck with VR speherical rendering. Thanks


Hey Joel,
Just finished a VR project.
Haven’t used DOF but I suspect it might work in post with a depth pass, though the concern will be the wrapped blurred edges and if they meet without a seam.

The volumetric lights work with Standard render, but seem to be doubled up and inverted somehow when Physical is turned on.
Hope Maxon fixed that soon.


Thanks Arik!

Yes we have discovered the weird volumetric light glitch you mention too (We use them a lot so its a PITA). Will make sure to let MAxon know its a bug.

And yes–depth passes do work fine. Physical DOF does not.

Thanks for sharing your info.


I just checked this in R20 and the bug remains. :frowning:

Render in physical and a phantom visible light is produced directly behind the camera.

Switch to standard render and there is one light. (As should be)