Looking for Softimage software (and license)!


Hello there.

Once upon a time, I used to be a 3d/VFX artist that did a bit of work on TV advertisements and the like during the 2000s. Due to the absolutely insane pace involved in working in the ad industry, I decided to switch to a career in engineering and it’s worked pretty well for me so far, even if I do miss the camaraderie and the insane schedule at times.

Anyway, and with no further ado, I’m wondering if there’s anyone around here owns a copy of the last Softimage released by the evil minds at Autodesk (it was named Softimage 2014, I think) that wishes to part with it, along with the license to run it (must be a legally obtained license,).

Or it could very well be an earlier version of Softimage for all I care.

Please shoot a private message my way if you’re interested.

I’m thinking of playing around with 3d a bit using a platform I used to be comfortable with, without paying the exorbitant fees currently demanded by Autodesk :grimacing:


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