Looking for short story concept


Hi, I hope Lots of help here. Is there anyone interested to share a short story for making an animation.

I’m a 3d artist, actually I’m looking for a good story to make a short film. Yes obviously creadit is yours.

A short story with two/three characters, concept can be anything.

Is there any one?


hey i’m a 3d artist with the same problem. I’m on the lookout though and if I come across one I’ll let u know.


Hmmmmmmmmmm…no one is interested! :cry:


Ah, short stories. It’s quite a challenge writing meaningful stories in such short time frames. I’m currently developing the treatment and script for my own animated short and am also writing another story for a one-shot comic. I’ll most likely have some spare concepts by the end of next week. I’ll get back to you by then if I do. How long is your planned running time?


What are you looking to concentrate on?
What sort of film content are you interested in?

Perhaps giving more information about your goals and expectations for a cooperation would draw more responses. I also have some old concepts that might fit what you’re looking for.


Hi, cool…some response.
Actually, i want to do 2-3 min. short story with 2 characters and one location. Because I’m only one here and doing a job also. I need to finish it within 2 months. So, any cool, children based story highly accepted.


Hello, i am interested, pls let me know when u need that. & how much u want to pay. I hope can fulfill ur requirements.


Hi, this is not a freelance job. Just interested people can share their idea and get a creadit.:applause:


did you receive my mail?


2-3 min. short story with 2 characters and one location

Uhhh okay off the top of my head…

A lonely, hulking robot sits on the peak of a cliff, watching over the azure, sparkling sea below. His eyes are a rusted shut, but he still stares out regardless. A bug crawls up onto his leg, making a loud clinking noise as it’s feet hit his metal chassis.

The robot is startled, and starts to pat his leg and find the source of the clinking. The bug, to avoid the giant robotic paw crawls in between the robots outer plates. The robot really freaks out now, and we cut to a montage of him trying to get that damn bug out of his outer plates. (e.g. hitting his head against the ground, trying to scratch his back, pulling ofhis leg and shaking it in an attempt to dislodge the insect, only for it to appear on his head.)

Finally, we cut to the insect inside of the robot’s head, who accidently trips over a wire and causes sparks to fly. We cut back outside again to see the robot’s head start to fizzle, and then with a bang, he flies backwards. When he sits back up we see the explosion has dislodged the rust around his eyes and he can see again.

And then there’s two possible endings:

[li]Bug dies, robot cries.[/li][li]Bug lives, best friends.[/li][/ol]


Hi, nice man. I like this story:cool:, it’ll be a interesting funny story. Can you make a storybord with this concept for me?:wip:

AND Yes I Need The Character Concepts TOOOOOO…Please!:drool:


here’s one.

there’s a kind of old boxer jumping rope doing pushups doing speed bag and then heavy bag exorcises. then lacing up gloves and stepping into the ring. he starts shadow boxing then the bell rings. his shadow steps out and begins fighting back.theres a heated fight between the man and his shadow the crowd cheers. the bell rings again and they go to their corners to rest a moment the man is out of breath. the bell rings again and the fight resumes another heated exchange and his shado knocks him out from on the canvas he hears the ref counting him out and sees the shadow raising his hand in ictory as the scene fades out.



why doesn’t he just animate it all for you too?


Hi, good question. Thanks, for your idea. Thanks, a lot dude.

I need a character concept specially, and I asked him if he can share his own idea about the storyboard.:rolleyes:



I sorta picture the robot looking like the one in crono trigger. amd the bug being a cricket of some kind



For $300…


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