Looking for resource Scripts / treatments


Wanna make a short. Or long. VFX heavy. Or not at all.

Need a good screenplay.

Looking for screenplays/ scripts/ treatments/ whatever on the web, but most sites publish the already made ones.
There must be one good website were serious (and potentially very good, undiscovered) script writers post their work in the hope of being discovered?
Even better it would be if it was categorized in genres. Obviously just the treatment could be posted and in case the producer/director is interested, the rest could be negotiated about.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

any such site exist?


Right… I’d be quite surprised if something like that exists.
Mostly because writers work more or less alone and know they are dealing in IP’s and Id(ear)s :slight_smile: In practise that means that if you put them on the internet are more or less free for everyone to do with as they please, so they will not do that.

There are specialised fora for screen writing and story writing however. And right here we have a few individuals who won’t mind writing something.

I for one would love if anything I have written would make it into a quality animation or film and be someone else than that 3d guy (which is what they call me at work mostly)

But if anyone finds something like a place that holds treatments I want to know, if only to learn what is out there and compare to see how good I actually am :stuck_out_tongue:


Wel, for one thing, I’d like to read what YOU write, if only cos we live in the same country, and who knows where it will lead…

But really, how many starting music producers put their music on the internet, for everybody to listen/download or abuse, just in the good faith and hope that they’ll be discovered?
Same goes for all disciplines i guess. For a script, one might just post the treatment, or synopsis, and maybe one excellently written scene, that begs for more. Then writer and director/producer could negotiate about the rest.


Check out celtx.com, it is free screenwriting software that features a large online script repository (now called the studio I think) where users (mostly aspiring screenwriters) read and critique each others scripts. The majority are pretty bad, but IMHO that is also true of the bulk of commercial spec scripts circulated around hollywood :wink: :shrug:



this looks pretty cool! Im gonna check it out…

and yep, there’s definately a lot of crap out there, if only we could find a method to seperate the wheat from the chaff…

But with a healthy community and critics, good stuff might arise!

cheers for the tip :slight_smile:


Tell me please, what kind of script are you looking for? I have some scripts, but they all are for the different types of cartoons, from funny ones which series last not longer than 5 minutes to more developed with rich storyline and 13 main characters. I have also the draft drawings for them.


You can use this if you want.
Scifi and um… not really funny at all, lol. I’d reformat it into a proper script for you if you were interested and serious.

The Harkanaan Gift

Inspired by the image at this link.

lol… I just saw your website (Carbon). Wicked video (though, I wish I could understand what he was saying… I got the point through the visuals, but the dialogue in English would have been helpful). Based on seeing that, I might have something else of interest to you. I’ll send you a PM



Hey pixanaut,

thanks for submitting that story, the picture it’s inspired by intrigues me a lot. I haven’t read it yet, but saw that it’s written more like a novel then a script but anyway, when I’ve read it, I will submit feedback.

And in case you’re interested, heres a version of that film (from our website) with english subs.:



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