Looking for Premium 3D Objects (Subcription based)


Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I’m looking for Premium 3D Objects that I can purchase through a subscription. What that means is that i want to pay a monthly/annual fee for a certain amount of 3D Objects. If anyone knows where this can be done, please link to me the website.

Thank you in advance.


Why not just buy what you need?


because, buying diff objects at $20+ (per object) is pricey. I’d rather just pay an annual rate for (at least) 10 + objects


What kind things do you need? Turbosquid is the go-to place for assets, plus Sketchfab, but there are also a load of free sites too.


Mainly a full-sized city, an airport (with control tower). I went to free3d.com and Sketchup’s 3D warehouse for a few free models and needless to say…i dont have much control over much of anything.



Hey! Here’s site: https://3ddd.ru
It’s kind of what you’re looking for: subscription for 30 free 3Dmodels and you can set how much PRO models do you want to get monthly also (subscription price goes up - it depends on how many PRO models do you want).
2n side - site is completely on Russian and all stuff there mostly for Archvis.
Site is reall-really old one with pretty good reputation in Russia.
Hope it’s somehow helpfull for you)


Saw someone mention this place recently:


(not a recommendation – I don’t know anything about them)


Great site! However, they dont have “Buildings” or “Cities”…and that’s what i REALLY need. Thank you for the help though!


I like them, however they dont have what im looking for. Also, they give away “Freebies” which are formatted in a Blender ext and i cant open that in C4D r20. Thank you for your input though. Much appreciated.


Oh haha, i’m one of the owners of iMeshh so thats nice to see a mention.

But yes sadly we just do our products for Blender. We have thought about opening up to 3DS max and C4D if there is enough people asking for it but I guess we will see.

The only one I can think of that may fit your criteria is Poliigon - I know they offer their models in a bunch of different formats, but I don’t know if their range is big enough just yet


It’s nice to see that I’ve attracted the attention of an owner lol. Thanks for the reply and the recommendation! I love Poliigon, however you were right, their range isn’t big enough just yet. If ONLY they had Buildings or Cities, then it would’ve been PERFECT!!! Therefore, the search continues :frowning:

All i need are some nice buildings OR a detailed city, that’s all. why is that so hard to find?! Maybe im not using SketchUp Warehouse properly. I have some cities from there, but there are SO MANY tags and Mats on them, it gets to be confusing when it comes to Re-texturing them.

At any rate, thanks again!


All i need are some nice buildings OR a detailed city, that’s all.

Have you tried Dosh design https://doschdesign.com ?
Other sources, Greyscalegorilla’s cityscape plugin/library https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/city-kit/
or Pixel lab https://www.thepixellab.net/ had recently some nice modern buildings packed in a .lib. like, https://www.thepixellab.net/tower-tool

I got a city from video copilot a few years ago, but they yelled at me here so no link for them. :grin:


An ad’s been appearing on c4dcafe.com website for some time, offering what seems you are looking for- cities, subscriptions, on demand.
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