Looking for hard surface concept modelers for a 10 minute short


Hello everybody
I thought i’d post this here since emailing has not yielded results due to the fact this project isn’t paid yet requires a moderate level of input from the production team. Getting to that subject leads to little or no reply from people (as a freelancer I can see why hence the post here)

If your still reading this, I am working on a 10 minute short which is going to be based in a very blade runner style city where in one district we will have a small bourne identity style operation go down during the course of the pilot. (Our hero is going to be on the run and robots are after him) That’s the one liner.

In terms of detail of modeling, it will honestly depend on production time. We currently have 3 people on board, my self excluded. So we will be moving the detail slider depending on whats going to be possible to meet with our deadline of July 2017.

If you are still up please PM me or get in touch, I had done one of these alone for my final uni project and want to come back and redo the concept with some help from people interested in the mech genre. Currently looking for people that will take this and make it their baby as well for the time it is in production.

Thank you