Looking for Artist for Sci-Fi short movie.


Lula Team
We are Lula Team - small group of professionals working in movies, games and animation.
Omni Girl is a passion project that we are working on right now.
It’s a sci-fi short movie aiming to be realistic raw hard sci-fi with a bit of flair of psychology.
We are currently looking to colaborate with good texture artist, and env artist with zbrush experience. We have a small budget, so we are looking for people to colaborate with, but if you will be exeptionaly good we can pay some amount of money.
Teaser / trailer is scheduled for december 2017.
If you are interested send to weisspiotr@googlemail.com with “texture artist” or “modeler”.
In future we will post other positions available for this project.



just in case you haven´t found it yourself by now, you should check out Artella.
Its THE place for online collaborations and I´m so happy I found it…:wink: