Looking for a graphic artist for 2.5D Game


Hi all,

A few years ago I’ve started working on my dream game along with some friend. It’s a 2.5D hack and slash action game that takes place in the medieval age.

The game will go live first on Android and iOS followed but later releases of Xbox and PlayStation (and probably Steam)

  • During these years, though some of them rough, I’ve stayed focused and kept on working. Now I’ve reached a point where my graphic “skills” have surpassed me so I’m looking to partner up with a graphic artist that can help me with a few left graphic assets and achieve my dream.

To give you guys an idea of what I’m working on, please follow the link below where you can find a few screenshots from the actual game I’ve done so far.


So, if you have some spare time and you’re looking to partner up in building a great game, please send me a D.M. or drop me an email at softromanesc@gmail.com

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Hope to hear back from you!


Hello there!

Hope you’re doing good

I can help with your requirement.

Email sent. Please check

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I believe i’ve replied on email.
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Please check your mail again.

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