Looking for 3d manager


Im a senior 3d artist from proxima.com. We are located in Russia/Moscow. At the moment we are trying to expand our business and find clients from USA, UAE, Europe and other countries where this type of services is in demand. Thats why we are looking for representatives of our service in these countries. This person should be in 3d art or to be a talented manager.
What exactly I offer: the representative has to find clients for us (If you don`t know how to do it - no problem we can help you! For 12 years of existence of our studio we accumulated a huge experience how to promote our service, sending emails, meeting and calling to different designers, architectural studios and real estate agencies etc.), discuss with clients the conditions of projects, to get money from them, to get a percent for every project from us. But all images we will make in Moscow.
If you are interested in this type of collaboration, send your contact to our email: info@proxima-studio.com, please!

Ilya Andreev
Email: info@proxima-studio.com
Local phone number: +7 906 053 33 46 (we use WhatsApp, Viber)



I can help you with your requirement. Mail sent.

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Hi! I received your email. I will text you back very soon!