It is my second work in CG style.
Simply I have seen an image in my head and has hurried it him to draw.
Excuse me for bad English. :slight_smile:

And fragments too:


Very nice.

The atmosphere is very sensual.

Well done.


Very nice. Not sure if the tummy area needs to be a bit longer? Could just be me eyes.

At first impression she seems the type of person you would love to meet, then you look closer at the eyes…

mmm not quite sure i trust this lady, and so on.

Nice piece.


Awesome ! I like it !


Wow, this is really good Gigem!

Very balanced mood and expression!


Great render of the girl, but the only thing disturbing to me it’s
the back ground, it’s not the same quality that the girl,
I think that it would be to bad to let your work like this
whereas you did a great work on the girl
It’s just my opinion


Hey GIGEM really i lioke ur work and seems to be very chick. Perfect color theme and paint dude i give u 10 out of 10.

:bounce: EXCELLENT JOB.:bounce:



excellent work.i like her expression,i like the way her cloth follows her body (nice one )
but i’m not sure about the wall she has as background…perhaps because it’s colored in the same chromatic scale as her hair whic makes the pic going down…dunno…


I hate watching girls smoking but this art is well done photoshoped ! :arteest:


Oh she is a beauty. Very good job Gigem. I would love to watch her smoke, I’m sure she would done it with the utmost style and class :cool: !



Dear friends, thank for criticism and good words. I hope, that the following picture will turn out better.:slight_smile:


I would recommend looking at teh colors on the post and the wall.

A small cameo attached to the choker around her neck might be a nice thing to add.


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