Log in issues


Log in issues

Please post as much info as possible

Is your browser up to date, which browser and is are you using, any plug ins’

do you get an error incognito.

Do you have an old account and did you reset the password?

We would like tobget this resolved asap for those having trouble but need all your details.

Thanks for the help.

NEW LOOK of this site. Do you like it?

Just a note for others having this issue - I had to specifically remove any cookies and passwords saved from cgsociety.org, for some reason removing cookies globally didn’t do it. After doing that I could finally log in (with Opera).


Thanks Pokoy we also pusjed an update this morning which should help most issues


pokoy’s removing cookies method did work for me perfectly. I have even managed to chance my password successfully.
(Firefox 62 64 bit)
Thank you …


My account was lost in the transition. My portfolio went missing. It appears as though I am also a “new member”.
My account now shows I am an ADMIN in my older posts, but when people reply to my ADMIN posts my screen name appears (see attached).
I emailed and got a response from Christine, who then forwarded the info to “IT”, but I have not heard back.

Win7, Chrome (or Firefox or Safari)!


We are working on your issue. Sorry for inconvenience. We’ll do our best to fix this soon