Locking spline points to animated mesh



I`m trying to attach splines to an animated face-cap mesh so that the splines are animated along with the surface of the mesh.

Any hints at where to start? I`m not afraid of a little scripting if i need that.


You need to use the surface deformer on the spline. Altrernatively, there’s this: https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-projector/


Thanks @danielHinton

I have sucessfully projected my splines onto geometry. And I have no problem haveing the splines animated and being deformed by the surface they are projected om. But thets not exactly what I`m after.

Imagine that the splines that I`m projecting onto the animated mesh is attached to the mesh, like glued on to it. For example, I project a splin-point on the nose, and when the nose moves, the spline point moves.

This cannot be done with standard projection (as far as I can tell anyway).


The surface deformer will work with animated geometry. I’ve used it successfully (in R21) to project splines onto a walking character.