Loading just one frame of a sequence?


Hi again,

how can i load just one frame of an image sequence? Fusion always recognizes the whole sequence even i switch off “Gather sequences”. How can i force fusion to take just a still?



i know this is stupid but the only fast way is to drag and drop from the explorer and hold “shift”

this will create a loader which has the trim settings right to the frame you drag and dropped


Thats it, thanks!



Nice trick, thanks! I always just bring in the whole sequence and use a Time Stretcher to choose the frame I want.


this becomes quiet messy if you choose from a folder with images shot by a photocamera (e.g. DSC_0004,DSC_4500,DSC_2314,…), then you end up with a “sequence” where possible hundred frames are missing and you have to find the right one

but the trick with drag&hold “shift” is one of the many undocumented and nice features of fusion