Llia Yu, Environment concept artist


My name is Llia Yu, I come from China, Graduated from Art Center College of Design. and now I’m working at Blizzard on the Overwatch team as a environment concept artist.

During the learning process in Art Center, I found myself particularly interested in the environment concept design. Fortunately, in 2015, my friend Finnian and I we got a independent study with john park.
After a semester of hard working, I’m very happy to get an internship at Riot Games. My Art director at Riot is Charlie Wen. He designed a lot of famous character in the Marvel movie, and I was very lucky to get a chance learned a lot about game and film industry.

When I was in high school, I often went to Deviant Art to see art works. I saw a lot of Art Center predecessors, which is one of the reasons I learned about Art Center. Also, Moebius is my favorite artist. I fell in love with the unique aesthetic of his character and environment designs from the movie The Fifth Element. Moebius’ work is very different compared to most of the commercial artwork found online; his images are all interwoven with subtle narrative. Since starting at Blizzard, my main source of inspiration has been my co-workers.

As a artist, my personal style is half Sci-fi half Fantasy. I like sci-fi stories a lot, but also I feel the pure sci-fi design is too cold. As an artist, I want create my own world with a more unique aesthetic. While discovering my own style, I’ve always been inspired by organic creatures in nature. I believe the use the more natural and organic elements can bring an elegance and a more unique sense to my work.


Llia, great to have you here in the forums. Would love to have you post a few sketches in the sketch challenges forum if you get time, you always have great stuff.


Hi Llia! Sounds like you had a great art study/practice journey so far! Very nice to know about you and your work. :slight_smile: