Live Q&A date and time?


yeah, same here :smiley: guess we’ll just have to wait and see :slight_smile:


Incredibly random… but, do we know if D.H or E.F is okay because of the cali wildfires ???

i would find it entirely understandable… (just cuz the webinar is set to PST… dont know if that’s a factor)


yeah i also can’t get into the meeting. it is working for some?


Same here.


hey, i guess it works… somehow


it`s working, hurray! May need to use your login link again


Hey guys, do you know when/where will the webinar be posted?


Shame I missed it. But I needed some serious sleep. It seems when we get the temp drop here in the American Southwest, I usually have to battle a cold. Let’s hope it doesn’t get me.


I think I must be missing something. D; I am not getting any kind of links and didn’t get any confirmation of being “registered”. I followed the instructions to register, and I can see the week 1 video, but I haven’t received any kind of information otherwise.


It’s usually with the post that has Lesson videos, at the very end, like this post:


What about the Webinar recording for week 1? Is that up yet?


Hey Travis

Hope you doing well!

Could we have an update regarding the offline webinar of Lesson 1? Perhaps we could use the feedback before proceeding to homework for Lesson 2! :slight_smile:

Thanks and much appreciated.



Hi Natalie,

You should have access to week 1 webinar still if anyone is not able to see the video please reply here and we will find out what is happening.

Regarding registration, as lomg as you posted in the introduction forum for registration you are in. If you are able to see the videos you are registered if you are unable to see the videos and registered but cannot see the video please notify us here.



@alynn Here’s a replay link for the Week 1 Webinar; (I wasn’t sure how else to find it or share it, sorry.)

It still made me register again, but it worked fine after that- I let the video play for 10-15 minutes before the replay actually started. But you should start to hear the audio and see the recorded chat after that long.

I snagged the link from earlier in this thread and tested it a couple times. Let me know if the link is / isn’t working for you else :smile:

Webminar offline access

& @nataliepavlidou @alynn

Hi all - the Week 1 webinar is now uploaded here:

Also, we’re looking into a different platform for the Week 2 webinar since the replay quality wasn’t as high as we were hoping for. … Here’s the Week 2 Q&A link for Sun Nov 18 7p PST - we changed hosts to ensure better quality, so please register once again:

Thank you!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing that link!


Hi All - here’s the Week 2 Q&A link for Sun Nov 18 7p PST - we changed hosts to ensure better quality, so please register once again. Thank you!!