Live Q&A date and time?


“a live Q&A webinar session with the instructor at the end of the week” <— I couldn’t find information on which week day and what time this will be. Can anyone tell me please? Thank you!


I believe caitlin will be posting this tomorrow. I will check with her monday morning to confirm.


Does anyone knows as well when is the last day for homework submission? I am guessing it should be a day before the webinar session, perhaps?


The sooner the better. There should be a post for q and a details later today


Since the time and date is up, I have a slightly different question: Will the webinar be online for viewing afterwards? I really can’t do a 4AM webinar when I have to be at work a few hours later… (Writing from Europe here)


HI Sophie, Yes there should be a recording. I will double check and post here:)


I don’t even know when the QA is. I can’t find the time


Hello, I’m writing from Europe as well and the webinar will start in my timezone at 5AM and since i will be off to work at 8 i want to know how long will it last? Will it be more than 3h?


Hey @alexb11
I am as well from EU with the same timezone. The webinar will get recorded and we will have access to it later on - just letting you know that there is another alternative instead of messing up with your schedule :slight_smile:


Where is the link to this webinar?


i have it here but you must register i guess. other info: Sunday, November 11th @ 7p PST. cheers


Why thank you Alex!


30mins and counting!


does anyone’s webinar room work? It seemsthat i’m still in time out and it’s after the start time…


I’m on the “site tight, host will initiate event soon” page


here, try mine


ah, okay, so it’s not my internet. Hahah. Thanks!


Same here. I have a feeling somethings gone wrong. Maybe it’s just as well though - I’m falling ill it seems.



ahh shucks, i hope it works out soon so you can get to resting :open_mouth: