Little Beast, Farkas Ekho Zsolt (3D)


Love the style, and the texturing is pefrect!

Great Stuff!!!

  • Dave


i’ve read your little tut. However, How did you hid the seams? I mean, especially when the creature body blend into the arms and legs part.


Well it is not so hard, all we need is just a good uv map.
Take a closer look; there is a little texture loop at his legs,but not serious.
(this little bug is now fixed;;prepairing for the next render:)


Can`t wait for it :bounce:



When are you going to add the spines down his back?


simply amazing, i absolutely love it…definately going into my private collection. this is truly a render to aspire to.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow, its perfect!


Amazing work! Very good job!


thats incredibly insane. It looks so real… what was the render time on that baby.


Really really nice work! I’d love to see this animated - perhaps a head turn, a slight move towards the camera, a tongue darting out. Nice!


Wow… skin is look so realistic very very great job love it… keep up to a good work!


Thanks again Dudes!:slight_smile:

oookay i’ll try to make an anim.! but first i have to make the side render:):slight_smile:
I know i promised it 2 weeks ago,but i gotta a lotta work,so please be patient:wise:



I love your work
Great texture and rendering!:thumbsup:

no joy without alloy!!!


great work man… this is fantastic good work dude.!! 5 stars


Whaouououo:eek: amazing
Very nice work :thumbsup:


Outstanding work! Great perspective and lightning. Also great work on the texture.


Hát ez nem semmi! Le a kalappal előtted.

Congratulations, that’s a great image.


I love the textures!

great job


great job!!


[indent][indent][indent] [b]EXCELLENT